Pure Joy

Sometimes you get stuck in the weird part of the internet.  But sometimes you find something on the internet that infuses you with pure, unbridled joy.

Tommy Franklin’s audition on Australia’s Got Talent made me so happy I had to immediately share it with my girlfriend.

She reluctantly let me put the headphones on her head, gave me a look that said, “The hell is going on?” when she saw the way Tommy Franklin looks:


But then I clicked play, and over the next 8 minutes Angela went from skeptical to smiling to uncontrollable sit-dancing on the couch:


Make it through the three minutes of intro about Tommy.  It really sets it up perfectly, and it’s worth it for the smiles you’ll have by the end.

I started that day jaded about life, and this silly internet video of a guy dancing like a complete idiot made me happy for a week.  I’ve just watched it again and it did it all over again.  Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to dance for my girlfriend.  For no reason other than I love to hear her laugh.

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