On meeting celebrities (Portland Comic Con)

It’s a strange thing about meeting famous people: they are almost ALWAYS short.  What’s the deal with that?

Here’s the rundown of my experiences at this year’s Comic Con in Portland:

This weekend my girlfriend and I got our picture taken with Norman Reedus from The Walking Dead.


I think he might have had some really strong cough syrup.  Or maybe something stronger.  That celebrities take nasally.  I think it’s a pretty obvious sign when they are wearing a goofy hat and the darkest sunglasses ever made.

I also made eye contact with Ron Perlman.  He challenged the room by meeting everyone’s gaze.  It was pretty impressive, like he was a predator in a room full of lambs.  He looked more formidable than his security.


Actually I don’t think he had security.

Elvira seemed to look exactly like she did 20 years ago.

Shatner had a lot of makeup and was short, but Angela said he was really good with the kids people brought.  Honestly I applaud him even making it to these things after so many years, let alone being personable on any level.

A friend of mine said Stan Lee was furious for some reason when he stomped by his booth, hands clenched and muttering surrounded by an entourage.

Bruce Campbell was rocking an amazing blue suit.

We got a GREAT picture of Robert Englund.

englund - Copy

Michael Rooker always had a smile on his face – I wish I’d been able to meet him now.

I didn’t like his performance in The Walking Dead but I’ve heard he’s great with fans.

Adam West was there but I barely recognized him sitting 10 feet away.

Linda Blair was tiny and had a healthy line of fans waiting to say hello.

I didn’t get to meet Ray Park, which made me sad—there was a guy in an amazing Darth Maul costume so I guess that’s something.  I liked his Toad performance in X-Men and have been a fan of his Capoeira-like stunts for a decade.

Also, for once the most naked person was a dude dressed as Robin.

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