Movie Remakes incoming!

Movie remakes in the works:

Jurassic Park
I guess it could be better, but the original’s CGI is still really, really good.  It’s better than tons of movies these days, and it was made eighteen years ago.  This might be a mistake to remake.

We can only hope they make it less goofy, since that’s what the original did so well.  You can’t really do better.  Hopefully they turn it into something different and brilliant in it’s own way.

Top Gun
I laughed when Daria, Mitch & Ted discussed how they wish this is remade using the original actors.  Tom Cruise would be fine, but imagine Val Kilmer as Iceman, playing volleyball with no shirt on:

I know several women who cite “The Volleyball Scene” as the reason they watched (and re-watched) this movie.  Current Val Kilmer in nothing but shorts would SHATTER their fantasy.

Point Break
Another movie that I don’t think they can improve upon.  The original is really well done.  It’s one of the few Keanu Reeves performances that I love.  Good story, wouldn’t mind seeing it remade if they can pull it off.

I went back and watched Highlander, thinking I might have romanticized it in my youth.  Turns out I did.  Don’t get me wrong – it’s a great story, and has some quality actors, but the choices made by the director (or whoever) make the movie too over the top.  More importantly, the sword fighting is painfully pathetic.  Most of the costuming and music is infected with everything that made the 80’s awful to the senses.

This one could be SO GOOD if remade properly.  Super excited to see if it pans out.  I really hope they turn around the trend of terrible Highlander movies.  They just kept getting worse, and worse, and worse.  The television series was decent, but again, it was so hokey, and could really use some help with the fight sequences.  From like, professionals that are good at that stuff.

Also, it’s being directed by the man who did such a good job with 28 weeks later, which I loved.

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