The internet is full of possibilities…

A couple years back I read an article in which the author truly believed that Pro Gaming for E-sports would become so popular there would be e-sports betting on popular e-sports stars.  It sounds crazy, but it’s happening.

The big proponent of this shift in thinking has been a game series called Starcraft.  The original game came out in 1998, and quickly became very popular in Korea.  It quickly went beyond popular and in Korea it became a national spectator sport, with huge tournaments and ginormous followings behind the popular players.

Starcraft II came out Summer 2010, and the spectator sport part of games suddenly spread like wildfire to many more countries, including the United States.  There are many big-money tournaments for the best players – plenty for the best to do nothing but play Starcraft II full time.  Not be a Pro-Gamer without having a day job, being a Pro-Gamer for one specific game full time.  Players known in-game as Idra, Boxer, SelecT, and many many more are now household names to millions around the world.  There’s even a new past time that’s been created, coined as “Barcraft”, where an entire bar is booked for fans to watch the Finals match of big Starcraft II tournaments.  I myself almost went to the finals for MLG (Major League Gaming) because it had my favorite two “casters” commentating the games.

That’s right, there are even commentators for Starcraft II!  This particular tournament had several sets of two casters and cast dozens of games over the course of days.  In fact, the game is so popular that the more popular commentators can do THAT full time!  Husky Starcraft has a Youtube channel that has almost 225 million views.  He is a partner with Youtube, and makes a good living.

What a world, eh?  Not only can you be a pro gamer, but it supports a whole industry behind it.  Day9, Psychosis Starcraft, HD Starcraft, and Total Biscuit are all successful casters as well.

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