Speaking of Youtube:

Have you seen FreddieW’s videos?

He’s a brilliant independent director that has AMAZING videos.  Most are more funny to people who play video games (lots of references to stuff like the game Portal or aimbot cheating in shooter-type games).

His videos are also fun for anyone who is into incredible video direction, interesting ideas, and action sequences.

Or if you just like adorable cats using machine guns, there’s something for you too.  Yes, you read that right.

He’s gotten incredibly popular (over 2 million subscribers), even getting stars such as Eliza Dushku and Jon Favreau as cameos.  He also does making of videos for stuff like this one for the Favreau shoot.

One of his best action videos has Andy Whitfield (of Spartacus TV show fame).  He and Freddie do a live-action version of those goofy arcade games that have big plastic guns.

Highly recommended stuffs.  By the way, my favorite of his videos is groovy, man.  That one is probably top-5 most creative things I’ve ever seen.

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