Late night, might be getting sick… so what do I do?

You know how when you were home sick from school or work, and there is only one thing to do during the day?  That’s right, you watch The Price is Right!  It’s just what you DO when you are sick as a dog.

Well it’s not on right now, and I can’t sleep.  So I went to my old fallback of watching something comforting, something that’s like chicken soup for the soul.

What did I settle on?  It was almost Firefly.  It was almost something like Aliens or Die Hard, or one of those top 10 guy movies.  But my roommate-slash-hug-dispenser inspired me just now at 2:30 in the morning.

She woke up from a nightmare and tried to explain it to me in her haze, and I couldn’t stop giggling – she was vehemently trying to explain the frightening images of Truman from the Truman Show (yes, Jim Carrey) being some dark overlord in an experiment where humans and plants and electronics were being combined into some horrific experiment in giant blue-liquid filled fish tanks in some Indiana Jones-sized warehouse.

We decided, just before she sleep-walked back to bed, that it was her brain filtering all the things she encountered at her weekend at PAX Prime.

Long story short, it made me want to watch two things: The Truman Show, and Penny-Arcade: the series.  Netflix has no Truman Show on demand, so I went for PA: the series.  I’m now on episode 7.

Watching the two-parter they do about their involvement in Child’s Play.  I think I wrote about this before, probably on this very blog, and damnit if it didn’t make me cry again.

I have to hawk their wares again, so if you haven’t seen the series, watch the two episodes that start here.

If you like what you see, watch both seasons of the show.  It’s a fascinating look into the lives of two guys just trying to do good work.  And it’s a great thing to fall back on when you are sick and there’s no Bob Barker/Drew Carey on the tee-vee.

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