Mini-review! And, how to make $50,000 scamming people in a video game.

First, because I said I would, my review on Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, part 2:

It covered all the big points of the book, as I remember it.  But of course I read it like 3 years ago or something.  It was worth the money, but nowhere near amazing.  Voldemort screamed theatrically in every scene.  Then it was over.  I’d say a B-

Okay, now the fun thing:

There’s this massively multiplayer game called EVE Online.  It’s set in space, and it is beautiful, yet boring, to play.  Like most MMO games, you go out and do missions (in this game, it’s in your spacecraft), make in-game money, and buy bigger ships, bigger guns, etc.

The game doesn’t have tons of players, but there are enough people that like this type of game to keep it in the tens of thousands of subscribers.

The neat part is this game is famous for having people steal in-game currency and “stuff” (ships and things) on such a HUGE scale that it has brought up the possibility of being illegal.  A while back one of the most successful “corporations” in the game was infiltrated by a group of players whose only plan was to gain access to their assets, and then steal then when they weren’t looking.  And it worked.  They stole tens of thousands of real world dollars worth of in-game stuff.

Basically, you can use in game currency to buy monthly time-cards for subscriptions (typically it’s $15 a month to keep your subscription going in an MMO), which have real world value.  So you buy those cards with in-game money, sell them on Ebay, and you effectively have just stolen real money from someone.

The funny part is it’s happened again, on the biggest scale yet.

The record has been broken.  Over 1 trillion ISK (in game currency) was stolen by some guys that are smarter than the average noob.  They basically asked for investors, and promised a 5% gain each month on their investment.  They kept up their end until word got around that it was “safe” and oh the money poured in.  After awhile, they said “Fooled you!” and went home – with over $50,000 worth of in-game assets.


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