Quick Blog post of stuffs, and upcoming stuffs

My life is crazy right now:

-Currently in the last months of fixing up this 5 bedroom house I’m currently residing in (it’s hard work)
– Getting random extra side jobs, yet nothing that’s taken hold as a real “second job” yet
– Trying to brush up on Spanish in yet another attempt to make myself more “hire-able”
– Job hunting like CRAZY in my free time
– Making sure to spend at least one night a week doing fun stuffs like hitting the bars or BBQs with friends.
– Getting really into the Dresden Files books (Jim Butcher), keeping me up into the wee hours of the night
– Getting about 3 hours of sleep a night because of the work family and friends are doing on the house starting at 6am.
–  Trying to have a life, including doing stuff like blogging.

ANYWAY!  In the near future I will be hopefully:

Dating; Working more; In a respectable place to bring a girl home to; Eating more veggies; enjoying the sunshines!  Oh and yoga.  My sister bought me some classes for my birthday a month ago.  I’ve been putting it off, but she made me promise to try it.  Though I’ll be the one in the class looking the most ridiculous.

It may be awkward.

More interesting blog posts to come soon.  I’ll make the time, damnit!  For now, here’s a link to Patrick Rothfuss’s top 40 fantasy and sci-fi books  (Rothfuss is the author of my new favorite book, Name of the Wind.  It’s absolutely the best fantasy book in the last decade.)  Scroll down for the list.  His blog is always fun, feel free to read it often.

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