Movie Review: Super 8

Title: Super 8
Director: J.J. Abrams
Starring:  Elle Fanning, Kyle Chandler, Joel Courtney

Sometimes midnight showings are a bit of a dissappointment (X-Men: First Class, review coming later), and then sometimes midnight showings are super fun (Super 8!).  J.J. Abrams proves once again he is a master of hype, and can back it up with a great show.

Super 8 is set in 1979, and the clothes, cars, music, and everything else really drives home the late 70’s feel.  The movie’s attention to detail to the setting reminds me of the likes of Stand By Me, with the group of kids even rocking out to iconic songs of the time.  It’s worth seeing for the slice of American life depicted in the movie.

Everything about the movie is strong, from cinematography, mood music, special effects, and acting.  Elle Fanning and most of the other children are particularly good in their roles.  They did a good job with a couple Sandlot-type kids, and overall the characters feel interesting and real.  I lost count of the number of scenes that could have easily been boring or mediocre, but were just phenomenal.  The dialogue, locations, lighting, sounds, and acting came together perfectly scene after scene.

The story is great, and it lives up to the E.T.-like vibe people were buzzing about.  It has a magical quality to it and through the whole movie I was digging it big time.

Most enchanting and fun movie of the year so far, in my opinion.  The immersion is top notch and enjoyable.  Recommended if you want to grab a bit of that E.T.- or Goonies-like adventure feel that so few movies can get right.

My score: A

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