TV Shows you REALLY should watch: Episode 2

Masterpiece Mystery!: Sherlock: Series 1.

“I’m not a psychopath, Anderson, I’m a high-functioning sociopath.  Do your research.”    – Sherlock

Available on Netflix – streaming and rental.  You might notice Martin Freeman on the right (plays Watson).

Also, the guy that plays Sherlock is really, really amazing in the role.

He’s hilarious at times, and always hits the eccentric-genius nail on the head.  Best Sherlock I’ve ever seen, and that’s including Robert Downey Jr’s interesting interpretation of the character.

There’s only 3 90-minute episodes in season 1, because that’s how these things are done.  Season 2 will have 3 more.  Well written, interesting stories, good production values and the acting is top shelf.  Highly recommended.

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles.

Netflix, again.  Two seasons, River Tam from  (Summer Glau) as a terminator?  Excellent idea, let’s make a TV show!  Good storyline for the most part.  There’s some teen drama, since John Connor is trying to “blend in” at high schools so he isn’t, you know, shot in the face by killer cyborgs.

The acting is good, and the show is just really fun.  Yet another series that ended prematurely, left off at a cliffhanger.  Don’t let that deter you though, it’s worth watching if you enjoy killer robots, time travel, or gorgeous people shooting guns.

Defying Gravity

Yep, that’s the chick from Dead Like Me and the guy from Office Space.  In space suits.

This show is very different!  The pitchline:

“Set in the year 2052, a team of eight astronauts embarks on a six-year journey to explore Venus and other planets in the solar system.  They find their lives and destinies intertwined and carefully directed, not only by Mission Control officials on Earth, but also by an unseen force which is much closer.”

Enthralling story held up by great acting. Some truly incredible cinematographic moments are to be had here. I caught my mouth open in some of the scenes, like a bunch of blood droplets floating in the weightlessness of space inside a bright white clean-room-like environment.

Might have to rent this one from Netflix – no streaming.

Human Target

The two girls and the guy on the right are fine enough actors, but the main guy (middle) and his best bud (Jackie Earle Haley!) are really good.  Especially Haley, he’s a friggin diamond in the rough.  He was Rorschach in Watchmen, if you don’t recognize him.  He was brilliant as that character, and brilliant as this one too.  Just watch as a thief tries to play the damsel in distress.  Best character ever?

Anyway, the series would be just slightly above average, if not for the main guy and Haley.  It’s worth watching for them alone.


Yes, Timothy Hutton is still alive.  He’s on the right, and if you don’t really know who he is, you are probably not alone.  He’s actually really quite good in this role though.  He’s the mastermind of this team.

The girl is red is the only weakcharacter on the show.  Maybe I just don’t like her.  Luckily, the rest of the cast is amazing.  Another show lifted from decent to exceptional through pure acting talent.  Here’s a random 21 second clip.  Good show.

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