TV shows ruined by teen drama…

For example: Kyle XY.  It starts off with a strong idea: the longer you are in the womb before being born, the more developed your brain is, and thus the more potential you have.

So some unscrupulous corporation stuck a newborn in an artificial womb chamber for 16 years – he’s set free accidentally, and poof!  Super smart and stuff!

It was a fun show until it turned into… a teen drama.  There’s a ton of good show ideas ruined by stupid high school drama.  Smallville and The Vampire Diaries is another.  I’ve heard Roswell is like that too.  A show about aliens?  Yes please!  Roswell teenager alien drama?  No thanks.

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles skirts it fairly close, but it’s too awesome to be crushed by the teen drama storylines.

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One Response to TV shows ruined by teen drama…

  1. quizmasterj says:

    Yeah I like Kristen Bell, almost watched it a few weeks ago. I’ll save it for later when I’m done with current shows.

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