Figured out it’s easy to get an E-book published!

Kindle’s publishing process on Amazon is super easy.  I’m all set up, just need to figure out how to get my zombie novel on there in an efficient way.  I’m thinking putting it up in sections (chapters?) for $.50 or $1 a pop.

70% royalty, might actually sell some since they have a billion customers a day, or whatnot.

Now to figure out where to start in the story.  The shit hits the fan moment where the characters get the hell out of dodge?  Two years down the road, then pull it back to present day?  Decisions, decisions.

It might just be fun to have them make all the mistakes like hitting up Home Depot or Safeway a day after the world goes to hell, then trying to take a backed-up freeway out of town.  See how they deal with it by writing organically.  And junk.

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