Ronald Jenkees

Ronald Jenkees has Asberger’s Syndrome.

He also has a youtube channel that’s been viewed about 50 million times.  Most people still don’t know about him though, so I thought I’d spread the word a bit.  He plays interesting piano stuff with (sick) beats thrown on top.

His stuff is usually semi-impromptu, and he begins most his videos with the words, “Hello Youtubes!”

He has SO MUCH FUN with it, and he makes hilarious faces while he plays and doesn’t care what he looks like – that’s just the way he is.  He’s one of my heroes.

First, watch this one.  It starts out slow, with some serious soul, and then gets really good.  Just wait for it.

Here are three  more of my  favorites by him.

Over the years he’s sold lots of his music, and bought better equipment to work with.  You go Jenkees!

Stay tuned for another lesser known talent in the next post!

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