So UFC 129 was crazy

Ultimate Fighting Championship 129, what a crazy show!

First, a guy named Aldo does a light elbow on his opponent’s forehead, and his forehead immediately swells up with a hematoma the size of a softball.  Look up Mark Hominick if you want a visual aid (he was fine afterward, it just looks ridiculous).

But that’s not the most ridiculous thing of the event.  This next part is ALL TRUE, I shit you not:

In the most anticipated mixed martial art fight in the history of the sport, Randy “The Natural” Couture fought Lyoto Machida.  Randy is remarkable in that he is almost FIFTY YEARS OLD and he’s finally retiring after this fight.  Machida is around 30 or something, and he bases his style on Karate.  Karate is a joke for anyone but this guy, it just can’t hang with more practical fighting styles at this level.  But he does it..

Here’s the REALLY crazy part: Stephen Segal worked with Machida, and is comically yelling at Machida to do “the kick” during the fight.   So Machida (I swear this is true) listens and does a real honest to gawd KARATE KID crane kick and knocks Couture out cold:  (Sorry about the low quality, hard to get video)

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