Two fun places to eat in Beaverton:

For some reason I’m up early and hungry.  I’m counting the minutes till 11, when two of my favorite places in Beaverton open up.

Beaverton Sub Station
The Beaverton Bakery is right down the street, and this sandwich shop buys their sub rolls fresh from them every day.  While Beaverton Bakery has gone downhill (gone there for like 15 years), yet their prices keep going up, there’s one thing they do right: sandwich rolls.  They are amazing.

The Sub Station is mostly about meaty sandwiches.  If you want an amazing non-meat sandwich, try Togo’s Avocado and Cheese sandwich, which is equally amazing.  I don’t like the owner of the Togo’s in Beaverton, but it’s the ONLY Togo’s for like 200 miles or something stupid.  And their sandwiches are like crack.

But if you aren’t a vegetarian, the sandwiches at the Sub Shop are delicious.

Roxie’s Island Grill
I have mixed feelings about this place.  Most their food is only so-so, honestly.  I’ve had every single thing they sell, and they have three specific things on the menu that are cheap and delicious:
– The Hawaiian burger and fries for like $5.
– The Shoyu Chicken ($4.50 or $6)
– The Macaroni Salad (comes with $6 Shoyu)

The Burger and fries are cooked while you wait, they are delicious.  The cheese is a little odd, it’s probably white american or something.  I get it without that, and it’s perfect.

*Rant time*
I don’t know what it is with local businesses using terrible cheese, but it bothers the hell out of me.  Take 5 Guys burgers – every single time I ask what kind of cheese I can choose from, and they say “Only American” like they hear this all the time.  And every time I say, why not Tillamook?  They just shrug like it’s written in stone they have to use shitty cheese.  Oh well 🙂
*End Rant*

But back to the burger here – they recently raised their price from $4.50 to $5 I think for the burger + fries.  It’s still a really good deal, and tastes amazing.

The Shoyu chicken, is SO good.  Pronounced “show-you”, it’s like teriyaki but with garlic and SUNSHINE added.  It’s served over perfectly cooked white rice and you can get it for $4.50 for the bento, or more of it for $6.50, which comes with a scoop of the mac salad.

The macaroni salad is Hawaiian style, so it’s pretty rich.  I usually hate this style of mac salad, but over time I became addicted to it.  Not everyone likes the mac, for sure (it really is rich), but the Shoyu, burger (sans cheese), and fries are incredible, especially for the price.

The place is very busy during the lunch and dinner rushes, but in between it’s wide open.  The fries and burger take awhile to cook, but the Sho-yu is marinated over night and is ready to serve right away, so it takes about a minute to order it and be out the door.

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