Okay fine, Furious Five might be a decent movie.

The reviews aren’t awful, so I grudgingly admit I’ll probably go see it with friends who go and see them all.  And yeah, I’ll enjoy it.  Because for some reason I like Vin Diesel and Duane “The Tan” Johnson more than I hate that blond guy who can’t act.  No, not Brad Pitt.

Also, 13 Assassins looks like it turned out amazing.  Like a (violent) Sleeper hit of the summer (of violence) with some crazy awesome (violent) fight scenes of Samurai goodness.  Violently.


It’s the best Fast & the Furious movie yet.  I missed 4, saw the first 3.  It’s ridiculous and yet somehow awesome.  The Rock was WAY too oiled up though – that’s a bit distracting.  In a bad way for me, maybe in a good way for the ladies, who knows?

I’ll have to back down on this one – fun Summer movie all the way.  Especially when you are going into it thinking it will suck, like I did.

Now to find a theater nearby with 13 Assassins…

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One Response to Okay fine, Furious Five might be a decent movie.

  1. Erin says:

    Okay: It has Vin Freakin’ Diesel and Duane Johnson and lots of shiny cars that go really fast and lots of crazy stunt driving and girls in skanky clothes and rad thumpy music! All of that *has* to outweigh Paul Walker. Sort of like how all of the other awesomeness in the Oceans movies outweighs Brad Pitt! 🙂

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