The Pixar Story

Can’t sleep.  Started watching Netflix streaming documentary called The Pixar Story.

Within 5 minutes I’m amazed.  Pixar was started by three guys: one was a scientist, one was Steve Jobs, and one was an artist named John Lasseter.

Lasseter went to the art institute that was founded by Walt Disney.  To get the education program started, the institute brought out of retirement “The 9 old men”.  So the teachers at this institute were the original Disney collaborators from the 1930s who taught character animation.

“The Nine Old Men, these guys were unbelievable masters of this art form, and yet every single one of them had the attitude of a student.”

And this guy got to learn animation from them all!  One of his fellow classmates was a little known animated named Tim Burton.  🙂

But seriously, how cool would that have been?


Dewd, that was so worth staying up for.  Okay time to pass out.  Watch The Pixar Story.  With how strong a company they are now, it’s amazing how close they came (over and over) to getting completely shut down.

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