So there’s a movie called Transmorphers.  The box is clearly meant to imitate Transformers:

I kept seeing it at Blockbuster’s, back when going to an actual store and physically picking from a limited selection was a thing.

So I looked up who made it: an American film studio and distributor called The Asylum.  They are actually KNOWN for trying to capitalize on productions by major studios by making movies dubbed “mockbusters” by the press.

Looking at their movie list, it’s ridiculous.  They have such gems as The Da Vinci Treasure, Pirates of Treasure Island, They Day the Earth Stopped, Battle of Los Angeles, the list goes on.  Look at some of these movie covers:

“Alien Vs. Hunter”

“The Terminators”

Who copies a movie that was gimmicky in the first place?

I suppose if they didn’t do it, somebody else would try to cash in on these things.  The thing is, I think it WORKS!  The studio has made like 100 movies.  They seem to have budgets of around $250,000 so if one person in a hundred is fooled into renting the movie (or worse, buying it) they probably do just fine financially.

Why make quality, original products when you can ride the coattails of Sam Jackson?

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