TV Shows you REALLY should watch: Episode 1

In the spirit of oft-overlooked television shows that were cancelled (Firefly is the finest example: do yourself a favor and watch Firefly on Netflix or Hulu.)  There are a ton of TV shows available on Hulu and Netflix streaming that you should really be watching.  Check these out:


The first three seasons are available on Hulu, though you have to make a free account to prove you are mature enough to watch it.  It’s about the scientists of NORBAC (North American Biotechnology Advisory Commission).  The leading man is Peter Outerbridge (2nd from the left).

He, and the rest of the cast, are extremely talented.  Never once has their acting taken me out of the immersion of the story.  The show’s production values are excellent.  The story for each season is amazing.  The dialogue and science seem great.  It also, randomly, has Ellen Paige as a minor character throughout the series.  This was before she got famous, I believe.

New Amsterdam

This movie has some of the best production values of any show I’ve ever seen.  It’s overall incredibly well shot, has great cinematography, lighting, sound, music, etc, etc.  The story is about a guy who can’t die until he finds “the one”, and has been in New York since it was called New Amsterdam.  In the first episode he takes a picture of the famous wedge in Times Square, without explaining why, and it culminates in a montage of his photos showing how Times Square looked over the last hundred plus years.  Full of really awesome stuff, and a crime-show to boot, since his current job is that of NY homicide detective.

The Kill Point

The excellent Donnie Wahlberg is the FBI agent in charge trying to stop a group of military veterans (let by John Leguizamo’s character) from pulling off a bank heist.  The show is very well done, an interesting Stand-off movie that had enough story to be an 8-episode miniseries.  Wahlberg and Leguizamo really work well together, both being down to earth guys just trying to do the right thing in a very tough situation.  Whole series available streaming on Netflix.

The Dresden Files

The Jim Butcher book series this show was based on is good as well.  Harry Dresden has a little office that looks like a Private Investigator’s place, except on the window it says, Harry Dresden, Wizard.  He’s often a consultant for the Police Department because he is good at solving crimes.  But he really is a wizard.  He puts it right out there, telling anyone who asks what he does.  Everyone thinks it’s a joke, and just assumes it’s a clever trick to get more business as a P.I.  Instead of a wizard staff, he carries a hockey stick.  Instead of flaunting his magic, he keeps it hidden, using it sparingly.  It’s a bit of a spin on the Sherlock Holmes type of story.  He is clever, and uses that more than anything.

Stargate Universe

Built on the Stargate: SG1 and Stargate: Atlantis franchises, this show is ending after the current (2nd) season.  It’s a shame, since it’s Stargate with less aliens and more acting talent.  It also has that awesome Scottish guy from 28 Weeks Later, Robert Carlyle:

Good show, aliens do eventually show up, but they are downplayed – the show doesn’t rely on them for the most part to be a good sci-fi series.

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One Response to TV Shows you REALLY should watch: Episode 1

  1. Erin says:

    This post is so perfectly timed–now I’ll have things to watch through the summer when just about everything else is on hiatus!

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